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Yin & Yang – What is That?

In my quest to get a clearer understanding of Feng Shui, here is my interpretation of what Yin & Yang. I’ve heard the terms for years but never have been sure of the actual meaning other than of being opposites? Anyway, I think I have it figured out!

Yin characteristics are passive, lethargic, silent & dark whereas the Yang side is loud, active, jubilant & bright. Examples of an overly Yin environment would be a funeral w/dark clothing or a dark office with no view. An overly Yang environment might lack of peace & harmony. An example might be a home on a noisy street which leads to restless or sleepless nights. The superbowl game would be another example of overly stimulated Yang situation.

It is really important to have a happy meshing of Yin & Yang to be balanced but seems to be easier said than done.

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