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Wood vs Carpet Flooring According to Feng Shui

I have been asked by a reader regarding a comment I made about wool carpet interfering with the flow of energy across your floors & if it is the same with other types of carpets? Wool carpet was given only as an example. I found a great article at http://ggsfs.wordpress.com/2008/04/03/carpet. In this article I don’t see where it says wool is any better or worse than other types of carpet – just the way the rug is put together. Besides wool – seagrass, sisal, cotton, jute or bamboo [which sounds totally strange to me] are natural and can be environmentally friendly in carpets or rugs. It is the glue or substance used to put the rug together that is the bad guy. The glue can be toxic so hand knotted rugs [more durable, long lasting] are preferable over hand tufted wherein short lengths of fiber glued are glued to a backing which can be beautiful BUT you have the glue/toxic issue to deal with. There are several suggestions given in this article that if followed properly by the flooring installer should minimize any issues with its use versus wood.

Although I do love the touch of that soft carpet on my toes on a cold morning getting out of bed, realistically I do believe wood is the best flooring as it is natural and supports the easy flow of energy. It is also easier to clean, thus, leaving less buildup of dust, animal hair, etc to collect for those of us who have allergies!

I hope this answered your question Teresa!

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