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What is Proper Height for Artwork on a Wall?

What is the proper height to hang artwork? Is there a hard and fast rule? I don’t think so but it seems the middle or ½ way point of the art should be at eye level. Generally I have always used 60” but it all depends on the piece & what is comfortable to you. But what is comfortable to you may be to high or low for the next person. How do you hang art to please everyone? You can’t. If you are taller, you tend to hang art higher such as me. A person 5’3” is not going to hang a piece of art to please someone who is 6’. Just isn’t going to happen!


In my research of this, I asked other stagers and friends as well as some online research. A fellow home stager said that 65” for the mid-point of art is generally safe & seems to be the easiest to use. Now I did fine a demonstration on the mrshinesclass.com website of how to figure the proper hanging height of an art piece but it takes a little figuring:


Measure height of picture & divide that number by 2. [ex. Artwork is 24” long] 12


Find distance from top of pic & picture hanging hardware [if using wire pull it up tight] [ex. 6”]


Subtract that number [6] from height [24/2 or 12] ex. 12-6= 6
Add number of inches [6] to 60” and that is the nailing height for that pic [66”]!


So, basically after all that you still end up pretty much back at the 65” or so from floor to hang your art!


Lesson Learned: Whether I am staging a home or just hanging artwork in my own home, I will be more attentive to the height of artwork from the floor! Remember – the purpose of a room or height of the walls may also dictate a higher or lower point on the wall as well. For example, an entry where everyone stands may be a good place to hang artwork a tad higher wherein a dining room where everyone is usually seated may be a great room to lower the artwork. Just something to think about!


I put a picture online a couple weeks ago of one that I had hung over a new cabinet. All but one who responded said the picture should be lowered which I have now done. [See before/after pics at www.facebook.com/holly.cronetaylor]. I have to say I do like it even more now with it lowered about six inches!


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