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Using Feng Shui in Home Staging in Austin

Home Staging Austin

Incorporating Feng Shui into home staging Austin is a great way to turn that house for sale into a Sold Home. If we as home stagers & redesigners recognize a particular problem area in a home, we can sometimes thru Feng Shui take positive steps to address that issue and bring into the home the warm connection that we hope the buyers will feel when they visit that home! It may be as simple as changing the wall color or re-arrangement of the furniture or it may take some research to figure out what the “fix” is but in the end, I have found, the results are well worth the research.

I am a fan of the principles of Feng Shui and do believe that each of us have an aura or energy that runs around and thru our bodies. This energy mixes with the atmosphere around us causing changes in the way we feel and think as well as affecting our surroundings. I thought of the phrase ‘karma’ when I read this. If you live right, good things will come to you. Outside things can influence our energy such as by the people we are surrounded by, our workplace, city you live in, etc, etc. I would compare it to giving a child a hug when he has a boo boo to make him feel better. A very simple fix, correct? The same can be said about a vacant home or a room in need of a redesign. Sometimes it is something very simple that will make that home or that room into the best it can be!

Home Staging Austin

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