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Top Ten List for Curb Appeal!

Is Your Home Dressed to Impress? Spring is here! Is your front yard putting its best foot forward in Curb Appeal? Whether you are home staging in Austin for a sale or sprucing up in general, here is – what I have named “The Top Ten List for Curb Appeal” to help you get started! Thank you Debra B. Albert PA, a Keller Williams’ Agent out of Port Lucie, Florida for her Active Rain.com/blog dated 4/03/2013. If you are interested in following Debra she can be found at http://activerain.com/dalbert. It is straight to the point and who doesn’t love a Realtor who understands the importance of Staging!!

I have tweaked a little but the basics are the same – Here is The Top Ten for Curb Appeal list:

1] Clean your driveway – power-wash drive & house, if needed. I would add making a trip to your local hardware/DIY store and pick up some spot remover for any residue of grease in your drive [if you happen to have some sawdust, this works as well].

2] For those of you who still have actual mailboxes on your front porch or at the end of your front yard, be sure they are clean [refresh with coat of paint or replace if worn]; are your front porch lights working and glass sparkling?

3] Hardware on front door polished & working or does it need replaced?

4] Are your house numbers easy to read from the street?

5] Are front & garage doors clean? Do they need to be painted? The Texas sun can be harsh on paint.

6] Clean out the gutters and downspouts!

7] Pull weeds in flower beds and around trees. If need be, plant some flowers or plants to brighten up the yard.

8] Is your garage in need of organization? Mowers clean? Shovels clean? My husband is a freak about spraying mower and shovels clean after use….Me, not so much….But if your house is going on market and folks will be touring, please give them a clean organized garage to view.

9] Is the BBQ grill clean? Nothing else to be said about this one!

10] Lastly, what is the furniture saying on your front porch or patios? New cushions are a fairly inexpensive update and the cost of a can of spray paint goes a long way on those pieces of metal furniture.

I hope you enjoy these tips! Thanks again Debra!

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