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Saving Money & Time In Your Day!

I just read a great article in this month’s issue of AARP’s magazine. The article is an excerpt of Mark Di Vincenzo’s latest book “Buy Shoes on Wednesday and Tweet at 4:00” which offers the best day of the week to do certain chores. As I read the article I found myself shaking my head, yes it makes sense!

Monday is the best day to buy sunglasses on line as they are normally marked down at considerable savings, some can be found at 55%!

Tuesday is the best day to take your pet to the vet. I absolutely believe this as our pets are our children of sorts and they get sick on the weekend so we would normally take them to the family doc on Monday which is what my husband did today. He said the line was so long, he just brought our dog back home –luckily I don’t think it is a dire emergency and tomorrow isn’t going to make that much difference – this time. This article says the best time to go is at 9:00a.m. so off to the vet they will go in the a.m.

Wednesday is golf day as courses are less crowded typically & fees are cheaper normally in the afternoon.

Thursday is see your doctor day. The rush of the previous weekend is over and Friday slots are usually folks who want to get meds so they can have the weekend free.

Friday – go see your financial advisor. According to the article this is the day that advisors save for planning their next week and so may have fewer meetings scheduled.

Saturday is the perfect day for that single person to place a personal ad. This is when the romantics are thinking about finding love or are lonely. Ads are most read Thursday thru Saturdays.

And finally, Sunday, when everyone feels a little more charitable is the best time to ask for donations!

I hope you enjoyed these little tidbits of info as much as I did! Have a great night as always!

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