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RESA 2014 Convention!

A fellow RESA stager sent me a questionnaire wanting my thoughts on the 2014 RESA Home Staging Convention in Las Vegas last month. It was awesome! Actually that doesn’t cover it…I really can’t think of one word to describe what I came away with from this RESA Convention.  Shell &  Kathy did  a knock out job this year. Presenters were fabulous…Barbara Corcoran, Matt Finlason, Steven Aaron, Lisa Vail, Kristie Barnett, Terry Watson who is just indescribable! I’m sure I left someone off but I’m trying to this from memory. My favorite break out session would have to be my ever favorite Audra Slinkey & Michelle Finnamore!  So much experience & knowledge was packed into two days and, yes, it was over whelming but I walked away with so much in my pocket.


My notebook is still laying open on my desk for me to browse thru whenever I have a moment. Yes, I’m still picking out and implementing something from each speaker to implement into my business. Am I going to get rich overnight by going to the Convention? Heck no! But what I learned is so emotionally personal to me that it can only help me build my business to be successful & the only limitation really would be me.


The biggest takeaway for me was the networking – how issues are addressed, how to avoid certain issues, etc. We all have the same issues one way or the other and it really helps to hear how others in the same business have addressed the different things that come up day to day in business.


I’m going to close this now but I have to really thank a certain blond NY stager.  I am thrilled that she just stopped by the “Texas Girls Table” to say hello the first day.  I did not know this lady beforehand & wow what I surely have missed by not meeting her earlier. Teresa, Conni and I were in awe within seconds of Barbara Brock stopping to say hello! She was at our table maybe 10 minutes but the wisdom and knowledge that she gave us in that short few minutes, I will never forget.  She walked away and Teresa, Conni and I just looked at each other shaking our heads smiling. WOW! She is one smart cookie!  I am a forever fan & hopefully next year we will see Barbara B up on that stage!


hme stager
A few of the TX girls enjoying burgers at Margaritaville!

Here is a photo I took of Barbara meeting with some of the other Chapter Presidents, our Amy George being one of them!

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