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Quick Weekend DIY Projects!

DIY Projects

I came across this great DIY Project blog on by Scott Garner that is right on point & was well worth a repeat! Here we are in June already and in full decorating mode – whether it be for inside or outside of our homes. Why not pick out a weekend and a DIY project to complete? Each of the nine below could easily be done in one weekend and several could be accomplished in one day, of course, depending on how motivated you are when you wake up that first morning.

I have added my two cents here and there & I hope you enjoy and that you are inspired to attempt one of these projects! In no particular order here are some fun and not very labor intensive projects:

1) Collectibles falling off the bookshelf? I rate this project as a no-brainer and shouldn’t take more than a few hourse to remove all knicknacks, books, mags, “stuff” & clean and/or paint shelving for new look. I would suggest painting the wall of the shelving unit a color that will make your collectibles/book pop on the shelf. Toss or donate mags & books [search online for orgs that would happily receive these for reuse]! I am a firm believer that one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

2) Replacing or installing new kitchen backsplash may well take the whole weekend but what a difference it can make. Your box stores carrry huge selections tiles of different materials so this is thoroughly a what you like project. Just be sure the colors – if you decide on a bold or bright color – can live with your kitchen wall & cabinet colors!

3] Fireplace transformation is a tad more difficult I think. After all it is the focus of your living room [or whatever room it is in] so you want it to look fantastic while still being useful during those chilly days or nights. Though I am not a fan of painted brick it can be a fantastic transformation! And during those days or months when it is not used, how about a large candle display? Scott suggested succulents since they are very low maintenance & can cover up any stains that seem to be here to stay.

4) Crown molding installation in a room just makes it feel larger & it such a nice contrast to your ceiling/wall color. This project is easily accomplished in a weekend & with all the new special made corner pieces that are available..anyone can complete this project. The hardest part is painting the molding BEFORE you install it. Believe me just doing that will be a time saver later when you do not have to touch up the wall color..personal experience on that one!

5) Picture frames refurbishing is easy as a can of black spray paint. Frames bought over the years tend to be different colors or shapes. By painting all the frames the same color they will look as if they belong together.

6) Kitchen hardware updating is as easy as buying the knobs and being able to drill a hole. Where we went with the brushed nickel knobs through out our home, my daughter went to ecclectic shop & selected colored flower shaped knobs for her kitchen.  It is all up to you and your likes. When we decided where we wanted our knobs, we put a strip of blue tape over the cabinet and marked with an X where to drill. Very easy.

7) Lamp Shade Makeovers – too easy. Spray paint, stencils or strips of ribbon/beads and glue.  With the price of lamp shades, again it is a no brainder to give new life to those tired shades & your friends will be asking where you bought them!

8) Redecorating Your Bedroom or Any Room – paint!  There are too many colors out there to not being to find one that is calling your name for that room.  If you are doing your bedroom, add some new throw pillows and spread or drapes [again by adding trim to your own drapes you will be creating a new look for your room for far less the cost of new].  If you have bed linens you love but don’t match the wall color, take the case with you to store and find a paint color that will complement your linens.

9) Scott’s final suggestion was to freshen your flooring! If you do have tile or wood floors try using a throw rug here and there to incorporate some color.  A plush rug in the bedroom for your toes to touch when you get out of bed would be nice or a area rug under your table and chairs to add some warmth.

DIY Projects

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