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Practice Safety in Staging Vacant & Occupied Homes!

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog regarding Safety while staging homes…deja vu….


I was all set to stage an Austin house several weeks ago. I arrived on Sunday to drop off the accessories prior to delivery of furniture the next day. My sister was visiting so she went with me. The owner knew I would be at house so all is cool correct? Well, I am walking my sister thru the house prior to taking any accessories in just to give her a walk thru. As we are walking down the hallway, I say “Well why is this door shut?”. I opened it up to a man sitting on the floor who looks up at me and says “hello”. I pulled the door shut and scooted my sister out of the house to the car, doors locked and back out to end of driveway.


I called the owner who called the police.  Long story short and believe me there is a story… the  young man comes out of the house on his cell. He says the  subcontractor told him he could stay….Then he tells me he had code to get key and his girlfriend was in house. These were homeless people, they carried out at least 3 trash bags of stuff and back packs. They said the subcontractor told them they could stay…..Anyway I left it to the police and homeowner to deal with.


I did go back next day and staged the home. No problems. Just want to reiterate again, PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU ENTER EMPTY HOMES TO STAGE!  NO damage done here other than my heartbeat racing for a while….


The officer did tell me that they are seeing this more and more in homes with FOR SaLE signs that are vacant. He said they were called to one home that was pristine on the outside but when they went in there had been fifteen homeless people living in it and had completely destroyed the interior!


Please be careful!

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