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Pantone Announces 2013 Color of Year!

And the color of the Year 2013 chosen by Pantone LLC is Emerald Green. There was a great article in the Saturday February 16th issue that I read over the weekend. It was really quite interesting & I have to agree the color has the WOW factor that we home stagers & redesigners are always looking for!PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR 2013 - Emerald 17-5641

I love green, maybe it is the Irish leprechaun in me, but beware – with the intensity of emerald green, you do need to be watchful of using too much in a room. I definitely would consider using the color in staging homes in pillows, lamp base, picture frames, etc. as it is very dramatic and gives that WOW factor in small doses in a room.

Now to paint an entire room emerald would take some soul searching. Ha. A little emerald goes a long way and you could tire of it before your budget allows a change out! Now if you had a small alcove or maybe even a dining room…then possibly the emerald would show well but not in a room where you would normally relax or linger in. It is suggested that a sofa would not be a good piece the color of emerald because of its’ size. Again, you would probably tire of it before your budget allows you to replace or reupholster.

Colors that would complement Emerald might be yellows or browns which would be mindful of earth colors or trees. If you are a brave soul or more passionate – for a real punch you might want to use raspberry, Prussian blue or turquoise with your emerald? I think this photo shows the great relationship between greens and blues.  3-19-08colorcombo1.jpg

As Debra King, a New York consultant stated in the article “Emerald might be one of those polarizing colors like purple – you either love it or hate it, and certainly could get tired of it fast.” Bottom line is use the color sparingly as a WOW factor in your home accessories and the leprechauns will smile upon you. green I absolutely love this door! What do you think? Too green?

Just a quick after thought, if Emerald is not your favorite green, then look at Sherwin Williams’ Color of 2013. They chose Aloe, which is still in the green family but pale next to Emerald and, to me, looks pale blue? Again, what do you think?

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