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My Understanding of the Wood Element

Let’s talk about the Wood Element of Feng Shui just a little more this evening. I have to admit it is hard for me to just sit down and write about one element at a time when they do have a relationship with each other. But tonight we are discussing Wood.

In its Ying form, Wood symbolized Spring and growth, is flexible & elastic. It’s Yang form, on the other hand, is strong like an oak tree….. so it can be as supportive as a walking cane [Yin] or as hard as a spear [Yang]! As a tree, wood energy’s characteristics are nurturing and adaptable.

Did you know there are Wood People? I didn’t…until now and it makes sense! They are described as energetic & social butterflies with outgoing personalities which makes for great support. Wood people are considered visual versus committed to a plan. They are also artistic and love tasks. The negative qualities would be their impatience and tendency to not finish a job they have started.

Trees, plants, paper, green columns, landscape pics &  wood furniture are all associated with wood energy. I’ve att’d a photo [below] of a home redesign I did recently! Now that is a tall solid headboard touching the wall – just what Feng Shui ordered!

Here is how I understand Wood is related to the other elements. Wood is helped by water which makes sense as to it relates to growth! Wood is harmed by metal which makes sense when you think about nailing nails into live trees – not good. Wood is weakened by fire – of course. Last but not least is wood weakens earth…..this may be a long shot but if you pull a tree out of the earth it leaves a hole… What do you think?

I think this is about all I can handle on Wood for this writing so I’m closing for tonight. Do we all have a pretty good understanding of the Wood element, its characteristics, etc. before I move on to the next element which I think will be Water. Do you know any Wood people? Are you a wood person? I’m thinking this describes me pretty well for the most part!
We’ll see what Water has to say in the next blog! Later…

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