Christmas Decor on Budget

Last Minute Easy Christmas Decor Hints by Holly!

Is Christmas really only a few days away! Are you ready? House all decorated, tree sparkling with all the lights and bulbs? Family coming for Christmas dinner? Have you planned out your table setting? Are you ready for the onset of the family and extended family members? Kudos to those of you who have it under control! But there are those of you who are still scrambling.

What if you are not as prepared as you want to be or What if you just found out your home has been chosen at last minute to host Christmas dinner for the extended family? Here are a few quick tips to get your dining table/buffet dressed for the occasion without busting your budget! I attended a tablescaping presentation given by Nycia Emerson of Events & Interior Styling [] that she gave at World Interiors on Saturday. As a home stager & redesigner myself, I always enjoy these types of presentations as I always pick up a tip that I can incorporate into my own home staging business where lets face it you have to think outside of the box!

Here are a few tips that Nycia shared with us at the presentation. I love them as they are easy and very cost effective especially at Christmas time when we know, lets face it, budget is a bad word.

The easiest way to decorate your buffet for a last minute dinner? Run to HEB or your closest grocer and pick up one or two or three of the little trees or pots of rosemary they are all have in abundance this time of year. I saw some at Home Depot this morning under $15 I believe. Wrap the pot in some pretty holiday wrapping paper and arrange them on the buffet. Adjust the height of the trees by putting a box or slab of wood underneath as in the photo. Complete the look by adding holiday bulbs, Christmas figurines or just wrap some small various size boxes as miniature presents to complete the look. If you have time and are more ambitious you can run to Walmart and pick up a yard or two of material in a chevron or holiday design. Use a yard each to wrap around your potted trees/rosemary and use the other yard to cut in whatever size you want for napkins on your table. Not a sewer? Then use double sided ironing tape. You have now made napkins for your table to match your tree coverings & everyone will be so impressed with your talents! Smiles!

Another idea. Again, think out of the box and walk thru your home and see what kind of vases, urns, wood boxes, etc that are sitting there ignored and bring it to the center of your buffet. If you have access to dead tree branches this time of year, put a dried branch in it and then hang ornaments from it. It makes a cool centerpiece for your buffet and did not cost an extra dime!

Now here is a tip that I totally had not thought of before and it is so easy. I know from personal experience that when I was growing up the main table always looked so festive but it never really made it to the kids tables…you know the fold out tables where the kids ate. Well here is a easy way to decorate those fold out tables as well. Using scrapbook paper as table mats! Yes, scrapbook paper comes in hundreds of designs and it isn’t just for the holidays [think birthday parties, Halloween, etc]. Anyway, back to Christmas you could also cut out squares of holiday wrapping paper to use as table mats or as a runner down the center of the table. This way the little ones can have their own decorated table as well and it cost you nothing but the leftovers of the wrapping paper!

I hope that I’ve been able to give you a couple ideas for last minute decorating that you will be able to use!  Do you have a helpful last minute decorating tip? I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy & Happy New Year!

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