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Feng Shui & Plants in Home Staging

I love live plants in the my home. Plants can be used in home staging as fillers as well as center of attention on a table or wall!  According to Feng Shui having live plants in your home is a definite must but we as home stagers are not always able to use live plants, that is where silk plants can be used. Of course in home staging, especially vacant homes, the plants used are usually silk but in your personal home – any live plant- as long as it is healthy will fill the bill and it keeps the chi from becoming stagnant in your home.   Most of the plants in my home are green but my favorite is my beautiful orchid that is getting ready t0 bud for the fourth year.  It sits in my living room window facing west & I am pretty sure normally that would not be a good spot for it.  In this case, I have two huge rosebushes on the other side of the windows that make for a nice shade for the orchid.  I am a firm believer that if the plant thrives in a particular spot – leave it alone!

I transplanted the plant the first year but have not since then.  I am sure it should be repotted but I’m afraid. Have you repotted an orchid? If so, let me know what I should do.

Now for something I did not know until I read it is that plants with pointy leaves should be in corner of the room as they help to stimulate any stagnant area.  Bushy plants on the other hand should be set in front of protruding corners as they will slow or calm the fast chi caused by the corner’s edges! As far as bathrooms go, the more plants the better as they relate to water chi.

Enough of that for tonight.  I hope you enjoyed this. Later!

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