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Feng Shui Notes from RESA Convention

I recently attended the Real Estate Staging Convention in San Francisco & wow, was it a brain overload of information! I’m still going thru my notes and organizing…yes…it was that educational! But what I want to discuss in this blog is a particular round table that I attended regarding Feng Shui. The class was given by Linda Lenore, Feng Shui Master/Certified Green Building Professional. Her website is www.LindaLenore.com. Being very interested in Feng Shui, I came away with a few things that I previously had been confused by so hopefully I can pass this info on to you in a clear picture.

I did ask Ms. Lenore if it was okay that I write about what I read in my continuing thirst to learn about Feng Shui. Although I always state that I am not an expert on the subject, I do like to ready and pass on whatever tidbit of information I learn. She assured me that I was not stepping on anyone’s toes and that anything that can be done to get “Feng Shui” audience to grow, it was ok, and even offered to answer questions if I had any for her! Again, the class was great and I hope you find some of this interesting and, if not, entertaining!
First off, I’m out this weekend to buy a brass windchime to hang next to my front door! I’m all about bring wealth and business opportunities into our home/my business!

I think I understand the two forms – Land Form & Basic Ba-gua School. Land Form is short & sweet to me – you are inside your home looking out the front door – the building of your home say in a valley seat with range of mountains behind you which acts as protection & then adding particular things that will support your home. Support could come as ceramic pots of plants or the color red for energy. You want to have greeters by front door which could be plants or fruit trees which will detour danger from entering your door. No to any pointed objects as being less receptive vs using plants, tile[replicates earth], fabric, candles, etc as definite positives to your home. A welcome mat is also suggested as a positive which I myself always on the front doorstep of each staged home! She went into discussion of colors, curved roofs, empowering desk placement, etc. One thing that I thought was very interesting is that if you have a hyper child, there is a particular bed placement to benefit him! Go figure. So if you do have a child that is hyper, I would suggest doing some follow-up research on bed arrangement for him/her.

The other school she discussed was the Basic or Ba-Gua School.  

This is the 8 sided form [see photo att’d] which lists life situations, elements, colors & relationship. You can either place the ba-qua on your floor plan and address the particular areas that you are having trouble in or you can put the ba-qua on a particular room to decide furniture layout or if any cures need to be instituted to obtain the best chi energy flow. Some things to avoid in your home to attract that chi energy would be sharp architectural angles, ceilings over 12ft, clutter, no VOC paints. On the reverse side, simple things to use to attract chi energy would be ceilings under 12’, the colors of wealth – green, gold or purple, natural fibers/dyes, water, mobiles or anything that is attractive to the five senses.

There are pieces of each of the schools that I incorporate into my home and it seems to work for me. I just can’t say that you have to pick one school to follow?

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