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In Feng Shui crystals are sometimes referred to as frozen ice – which makes me think of the sheets of ice in Indiana winters. How beautiful and bright the ice would be with the sun reflecting off of it. It could easily be described as looking like crystals sparkling in the sun just like the sun reflecting off the crystal facets hanging in a window – allowing dancing lights across the wall and ceiling – bringing in a lightness to that room. I read that a small crystal will do for the average size home [what is average?] but basically the larger the home, the bigger the crystal can be. Of course, the more facets on a crystal the more dancing you will see. I think it is left to your discretion. Of course these are my thoughts in trying to understand what I’m ready so please do not quote me. I also read that the smoother crystals do not have the same energy quality as the crystals with facets.

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In Greek history crystals were used for healing, protection & decoration. Colored crystals are used to activate certain energies in areas and each of the different colors can be used for different end results. For example, rose quartz would be used for heart wellness; the black tourmaline supports protective energies while white citrine assists in healing self esteem, etc.

Black tourmaline

        Rose quartz

             White Citrine


The quality of the crystal is important as well as its number of facets & color. One book says the best crystals to use are Swarovski crystals but really how many of us have it in our budgets to buy that brand or even where to buy. Another book said that the Austrian crystals were excellent. Again, where exactly would you find these? I am going with the alternative, just a good quality faceted crystal will do, I think? I don’t know if I am breaking a cardinal rule to Feng Shui, but I have bought the crystals that are found in the light section of Home Depot, and have been very happy with the results.

Crystals can be used for multiple purposes in your home. They can be used to add light & energy to a room; for redirecting energies to areas that are in need of the extra help; drawing energy into a particular location; and the best reason is just because they are so beautiful to watch when the sunlight hits the facets! I will try to address some cures in my next blog. If you have a particular question, please comment and I will attempt to answer! Later.

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