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Choosing Wall Color for A Den!

As a home stager who loves color, I see selecting a new wall color as a Challenge that I am definitely always ready for! I LOVE COLOR! People tend to use their go to colors for every room in the house as they feel comfortable & safe. I totally get that but one should not be afraid to venture out of their comfort zone in choosing a wall color. Again, I do realize that everyone does not get the warm and fuzzies in choosing color….that is why they call me! In this blog, I pass along a couple to help you choose a color for that room.

First off you need to decide what is the purpose of that room? For this writing, it will be a Den. The first thing that some of us think of when we hear the word Den is s ‘man cave’ – a dark ‘for men only’ room that contains sports signs, a huge tv bigger than it needs to be [ha], big fat recliners & a bar. STOP! This is not a Den anymore. In reality most homes that have Dens use them to serve dual purposes, ie. home office/reading room/family tv or game room. Simply put a Den can have a variety of “hats” to wear & even if the room in the end will be used for several purposes – you can still choose a paint color that will complement your home.

There are several things to think about when decorating a Den….who will be using it, main purpose of the room, & will the present furniture leave or stay…if it still has life. The main thing to take into consideration when choosing a Den color is the size of the room & type of lighting or number of windows – although there are a number of other features such as woodwork, fireplace, art niches, etc that might play a minor role in the color selection. Size of room and windows can dictate the tone/hue of paint. Bright colors are not going to be relaxing at the end of the day when you just want to relax!
A smaller room might call for a lighter shade of wall paint – if the lighting isn’t the best – such as “Lazy Gray” or “White Truffle”. These are light shades but some like the darker shades in a small room as it makes the room feel cozy. It really is your personal preference in how you want that room to speak.

If the room has lots of windows and/or lighting, I would go for a more bold color such as “Serious Gray” or if you like brown – how about “Hot Cocoa” or “Dutch Cocoa” with white shutters on windows? If you want it to blend use drapes a shade or two lighter than your walls or even contrasting to your wall paint – that is the beauty of decorating your own home.

Serious Gray

I chose gray & brown above as examples as both come in many shades from very light to very dark & match easily with multiple colors & textures. I don’t know about you but I am a fan of white crown molding and white windows but that is my personal preference in my home. I see either room above with leather sofa w/throw & comfy chair in corner for reading or watching tv. If the den is going to be a gathering place for family or guests – and the size allows – a huge coffee table with extra floor cushions to play board games! Do you have an old chest that you haven’t found a spot for? Drag it out of storage and show it off in the Den and use for storage!

Lastly, lets just touch on window coverings for a den – my favorite window covering for a Den would have to be either white Shutters as they both serve two purposes – letting light in/keeping light out. Even though they keep light out, the room is not completely dark such as if the shades or shutters were stained or a darker color.

In the end, I personally would stay away from bright wall colors in a Den as they are not going to be relaxing at the end of the day! Browns, earthy greens or grays work would all work well in a Den & there are so many different shades.  You may have to look at a few paint swatches or samples painted on your wall to narrow down to that just perfect shade.  Painting has to be one of the easiest and most inexpensive cosmetics on a redesign budget and I can guarantee you there is a color out there with your name on it for your room ! Questions? Bring em on! Later.

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