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Blinged Out Candelabra!

I blogged quite awhile ago about an old beat up gray candelabra I had bought at an auction. At the time I think I gave maybe $10 for it and I think it was in a basket with other “junk” no one wanted, thus the reason I only paid $10 for everything!

Anyway, this candelabra is probably 18 inches tall without the candles and was a dull matte ugly gray…it really did look like it had seen better days. Ha. I finally blinged it up and am attaching the below pic to show you how it looks. I spray painted with metallic gray paint, added some bling from the craft shop by way of huge crystals & some leftover silver beading from Christmas. Luckily I found the silver candles that just finished it off. Like many of my projects, this is one you will love it or hate it. Ha. I love it!

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