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As a Home Stager or Realtor – Who is Responsible for your Safety in Everyday Business?

Whether you are a Realtor, Home Stager, Designer, etc., we as small business owners are forever on the prowl for that next new client. Are you so busy as a new home stager or realtor trying to bring in that new client that you inadvertently put yourself in harms’ way? Who is in charge of your personal safety?


I admit I have done some pretty…ok I’ll say it …stupid…things & not give a second thought to what could have happened had luck not been on my side that day! Have you ever have been guilty of jumping in your car and driving to meet a potential client not giving a second thought to who knows where you are going and if you are safe? My spouse spent 25 years in Law Enforcement and told me that he has seen first-hand what can happen to a person merely by them being careless or in a hurry. Of course, in my defense which is not a good defense at all, I tell him that with his work schedule over the last few years of being gone months at a time, I got into the habit of coming and going as needed & not letting anyone know where I would be at any certain time. Now that he is home it is a continual internal fight with me to remember to tell him the Five W’s and H – who, what, where, when & who and how long it should take for the meeting, [i.e. a new client]. I try to remember & do for a day or so and then oops I forget again.


We all know that almost all first contact with a client is as a stranger. So, let me ask you if anything below matches what you have done or are doing – which some of you may seem to think a tad anal especially some of you burly men. You can use or not as they are intended only to make you sit and think & possibly save you at some point from being in “that” position where danger is a possibility. I’m hoping if any of you have a spouse at home that worries about you that maybe inserting a few of these suggestions into your day to day business to keep you safe and your spouse calm.
1] Who is your client? Have you checked them out on any of the various databases available to the everyday person [i.e. sex offender d/base, google name, search F/B, etc.]?


2] Where do you keep a log of clients & meeting location w/times? Is it where readily found by employees, friend, spouse should a question comes up as to where you were last known to be or last person you were to meet?


3] Who do you notify When you are leaving or arriving at meeting with new client? Do you call them again when you drive away from the location?


4] What do you do upon arrival at your destination? Do you take a picture of the potential client “for your records” & send to someone?


5] How do you know your surroundings! Do you scan your surroundings? Are you aware of any secondary exit from house? Do you ensure entrance does not have a keyed deadbolt on inside lock.


6] Do you keep your car keys [keep finger on “car alarm”, it will draw instant attention should you need it] & do you always keep cell on you at all times?


7] How much is your life worth? More than a potential sale!


My bottom line is if something doesn’t feel right – go with your gut reaction!

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