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Are you facing Linen Closet Rebellion?

For those of you who have not bitten the bullet to organize that linen closet – here are a few tips to make the job a little more bearable. Do the blankets and sheets avalanche when the closet doors are opened? You know what comes next when this happens…come on… admit it….you grab whatever fell and shove it back onto a shelf and shut the doors.

When we are finished, your linens, bedding, whatever else you decide to store there will be organized. Really, the only items that should be in a linen closet are…yes..you guessed it…linens, extra blanket [s] & towels – of course depending on how large your closet happens to be. Start by emptying all the shelves in the closet. If it has been a while since you have even used any of these items, throw them in the wash for a spring cleaning!

The top shelves should be for those items rarely used such as seasonal bedding, heavier blankets, beach towels or extra pillow. If you use a compressed bag, you could get several items in a small space.

On the middle shelves you might store every day sheets, towels, etc that you use or change out more often. I like to catch the sales & stock up on lotions, hand sanitizers, etc. A basket to contain these bottles works perfectly on a shelf easily within reach for a fast grab!

The bottom shelves are perfect for clear plastic containers to store whatever other items you may need to store. You could put a towel rod over the back of the closet door, if needed, for your guest towels or sheets. Everything now has a designated home!

If you have any great tips for closet organization, please feel free to send them our way! Later!

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