Home Staging Austin!

Home Staging
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Why Home Stage Austin?

It has been statistically shown that homes sale in half the time when they have been staged!

The home should catch the buyer’s eye at the curb & pull them into the warmth of “their” new home

A lack of furniture in a vacant house leaves most prospective buyers scratching their heads – what is this room? where would I put my furniture?

Placing furniture/accessories in a vacant home allows the buyer to SEE the possibilities & warms up the home

To get top dollar every house should go through our home staging transformation BEFORE IT IS LISTED!

The cost of home staging far outweighs any reduction in the price of the house as well as providing a substantial return on investment.

Why Home Redesign?

The best compliment – I believe – for a homeowner to hear is how warm a visitor feels upon entering their home!  Are you missing that? Does your curb appeal or entry say ‘go away’ instead of ‘come in, sit down and relax’?  Does the energy of a particular  room make you want to run instead of sit down and relax? That is where I come in!

Have you just moved into a new home and are not sure where to put your furnishings or where to hang artwork? Are you trying to decide on window treatments?

Whether I can assist you in with a redesign of one room or the entire house, I will work with you on your budget to get fantastic results. Let’s sit down and discuss how you want those rooms to “feel”. You will be amazed at what we will accomplished ON YOUR BUDGET!