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Sherwin Williams “Really Teal” for a Bedroom

Any one who knows me knows that I love color and that our home is full of it!  As an Austin home stager we rarely if ever would recommend a paint this color or as bold for a bedroom of a home going on the market. But as the homeowner or in home redesigning it is all up to the homeowner and their taste!  You do not have to be afraid of color on your walls in your homes! Find a color you like, then look at all the various tones, etc of that color and you will find what is right for what you want it to say on that wall!


I really wanted to paint this room a bold color but it took me a minute to decide on this shade of green.  Plus since it is on the dark side, it has been a pickle trying to get the right daylight to give it justice in a photo.  I call this my Paris room.  Why? I don’t know..because I can?  What you don’t see is the glass mosaic Eiffel tower mirror, or the French mystery on the shelf written by a local Austin Atty, Mark Pryor [which by the way is very good and you should look him up for any new books he has coming out].  As a DIY project, I repurposed the candlabra from an auction and blinged it up a bit with silver foil and crystals from craft store, though I am really thinking I need to add some more bling. And of course the pillow on bed with travel post stamps is a kudos to how much I love to travel period. Having only spent a day in Paris while on working detail in UK, I have always wanted to go back with The Big Guy for a romantic vacation…..One of these days it will happen. Ha.


I am now working on my other guest bedroom. It’s new color is Mexican Sand, another Sherwin Williams color though it is pretty much completely opposite of the Teal color. It is a calmer sandy color..really pretty and I will use burgundy for the accent color so curtains are picked out, pillows are ready…just need to get the bedspread and then I will post it on here.

Do You Really Need A Home Stager in Austin to Put Your Home on the Market?

Home Stager In Austin

The simple answer is YES!

With interest rates down there is no better time than now for homeowners who have been thinking of putting home on market.  So you’ve made the decision to sale but are not sure if your house is ready for the market exposure? It is always best to have your home dressed to sale or ‘staged’  prior to photos, a planned open house, etc. this is where a Home Stager comes into play. You can clean your home but that is not staging…You can de-clutter your home but, again, that is not staging. Home Stagers in Austin use creativity & expertise to prepare your house to sell so that it will be viewed more attractively to potential homebuyers.  A benefit of home staging in Austin is usually a quicker sale and more pleasing price.

My suggestion would be to call a home stager. You can look online, Yelp, Thumbtack, associations, referral from a friend or even your Realtor should be able to guide you! At least 85% of all homebuyers are looking online prior to making a physical visit to a home to view. If you home hasn’t been staged or the photos on MLS do  not do justice….that hurts your chances.  Again, you want your home to be viewed by potential buyers as “awh I can live there” or “so that is how my furniture could be set up” etc.

Here is a photo I pulled off the web. This home is for sale and I am assuming by the photo it was not staged….in fact it is a little scary and would make me run away fast but you tell me what do you think?

Home Stager in Austin

I won’t even discuss one of the pictures shows a dirty toilet in it. Really! This is totally uncalled for….I’m thinking the home will be on the market for a while.  To my eye, this is a photo of someone’s ‘stuff’.  It doesn’t show the room…it doesn’t show any amazing qualities of the space…it just shows you some pieces of mismatched furniture stuffed into a corner…I’m not sure what the mirror on floor under the table is used for  but….. Ok, I’ll give you one more…

Really…how hard would it have been to remove the iron from the bathtub? All the pictures really are horrendous and I can’t imagine why someone didn’t tell this homeowner to clean up a little before pics were taken but…

Ok, so you get the drift….here are five simple easy steps toward putting your home out there for public viewing, market, etc.

1] Give each room a purpose.  Having said that let the living room be a living room – not a gym-not a catch all for extra furniture, etc. 

2] Use what the owner has to bring out the best – i.e. if windows face out to a beautifully flower garden, use that view to your best advantage for that room. Does that make sense?

3] You don’t have to go buy all new furniture…usually just a good cleaning & de-cluttering can work wonders. Save your hard earned $ for new pillows, etc for your next home!

4] If walls haven’t seen paint for years…PAINT…ceilings, walls, niches, what ever is needed to freshen it up

5] And drum rolls please, if you truly do not know what to do CALL A HOME STAGER!  She/he will be able to assist/guide you thru the process allowing you to do a little or a lot, on your budget!

I hope this has helped at least a little and if you have questions, visit my website at www.stagingbyhct.com!

Home Stager In Austin

Curb Appeal – My Asparagus Green Front Door!

I wrote a couple weeks ago that I was trying to decide what color green to paint the front door of our home here in Elgin. As a home stager in Austin & staging a home to sale, I would have used a little more suttle or earthy green but since this is my home – we like color, bold color. You get the drift? Anyway, here is our new painted front door – Asparagus green, yes I said it, my front door is painted after a vegetable!

I was thinking at first yikes maybe I went to bright in this color but I have to say when it dried, the love fest began – I love it! What curb appeal! I can’t tell you how many of our neighbors have come up and said “I thought you were crazy when I first saw it” but “we love it now!” Honestly there has only been one neighbor who turned her nose up at the color but it is here to stay at least for a while.

I hope you enjoy – but if not so much, let me know that as well! When you paint your own front door on your home, I’ll let you pick out the color! Later.