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Home Staging an Estate Property

You never know what you are getting into when asked to stage estate property. This particular estate property was a fun day staging. It was a very well loved mid century home but it came time for it to be sold as the owner was downsizing. The property had light carpet and tile throughout with light walls & nice size windows BUT the very heavy draperies made it very dark. Long story short I was called in to use furniture that was available to stage. I picked out the pieces I thought I could work with and everything else was removed from property including the artwork/photos which while they were fine in the home of the owner, they would be considered outdated to the new buyers out shopping. I brought in a couple rugs, a few pieces of art, bedding & the rest was just furniture arrangement!

It really was a pleasure to stage this home! The owners children were great to work with and listened to what I wanted to do. The house sold immediately for over asking price! The photographer from Twist Tours took amazing after photos & I really couldn’t be any happier with this stage. That is a success story!

Staging Consultation Report

It is amazing how easy it can be to prep your home for sale once you have guidance, i.e. a staging consultation!  Many homeowners are just overwhelmed when it comes to packing to move to that new dream home or down size to that forever home & just don’t know where to start. That is where I  come in with the two hour staging consultation.  By the end of our meeting, I will have everything you will need to get you moving toward your goal of prepping your property to sell.


I will be posting pics shortly of a few homes that have undergone such transformations! Check out the difference it makes. Some were simply hanging new drapes or painting…some were organizing and redoing the furniture layout.  Enjoy the transformations!


Other consultations may be just hands on staging with client.  You would be surprised how much can be done in a short frame of time. In some rooms it may be something as simple as re-arranging furniture or adding or taking away decor….or removing or adding draperies…it is really dependent on that room as to what you will be addressing but in the end the results are usually pretty amazing.  Of course, all houses are not created the same so what works for one house may not for the next but you get the idea!


If you are a fan of DIY then either of the above consultations would work for you.   The alternative is to have me come in and we, together, can tackle room by room with some hands on staging. Either way, the end results will be wonderful and your house will be one step closer to being on the market!


I will post pics in next couple days of examples or end results of staging consultations!


As a Home Stager or Realtor – Who is Responsible for your Safety in Everyday Business?

Whether you are a Realtor, Home Stager, Designer, etc., we as small business owners are forever on the prowl for that next new client. Are you so busy as a new home stager or realtor trying to bring in that new client that you inadvertently put yourself in harms’ way? Who is in charge of your personal safety?


I admit I have done some pretty…ok I’ll say it …stupid…things & not give a second thought to what could have happened had luck not been on my side that day! Have you ever have been guilty of jumping in your car and driving to meet a potential client not giving a second thought to who knows where you are going and if you are safe? My spouse spent 25 years in Law Enforcement and told me that he has seen first-hand what can happen to a person merely by them being careless or in a hurry. Of course, in my defense which is not a good defense at all, I tell him that with his work schedule over the last few years of being gone months at a time, I got into the habit of coming and going as needed & not letting anyone know where I would be at any certain time. Now that he is home it is a continual internal fight with me to remember to tell him the Five W’s and H – who, what, where, when & who and how long it should take for the meeting, [i.e. a new client]. I try to remember & do for a day or so and then oops I forget again.


We all know that almost all first contact with a client is as a stranger. So, let me ask you if anything below matches what you have done or are doing – which some of you may seem to think a tad anal especially some of you burly men. You can use or not as they are intended only to make you sit and think & possibly save you at some point from being in “that” position where danger is a possibility. I’m hoping if any of you have a spouse at home that worries about you that maybe inserting a few of these suggestions into your day to day business to keep you safe and your spouse calm.
1] Who is your client? Have you checked them out on any of the various databases available to the everyday person [i.e. sex offender d/base, google name, search F/B, etc.]?


2] Where do you keep a log of clients & meeting location w/times? Is it where readily found by employees, friend, spouse should a question comes up as to where you were last known to be or last person you were to meet?


3] Who do you notify When you are leaving or arriving at meeting with new client? Do you call them again when you drive away from the location?


4] What do you do upon arrival at your destination? Do you take a picture of the potential client “for your records” & send to someone?


5] How do you know your surroundings! Do you scan your surroundings? Are you aware of any secondary exit from house? Do you ensure entrance does not have a keyed deadbolt on inside lock.


6] Do you keep your car keys [keep finger on “car alarm”, it will draw instant attention should you need it] & do you always keep cell on you at all times?


7] How much is your life worth? More than a potential sale!


My bottom line is if something doesn’t feel right – go with your gut reaction!

Feng Shui Notes from RESA Convention

I recently attended the Real Estate Staging Convention in San Francisco & wow, was it a brain overload of information! I’m still going thru my notes and organizing…yes…it was that educational! But what I want to discuss in this blog is a particular round table that I attended regarding Feng Shui. The class was given by Linda Lenore, Feng Shui Master/Certified Green Building Professional. Her website is www.LindaLenore.com. Being very interested in Feng Shui, I came away with a few things that I previously had been confused by so hopefully I can pass this info on to you in a clear picture.

I did ask Ms. Lenore if it was okay that I write about what I read in my continuing thirst to learn about Feng Shui. Although I always state that I am not an expert on the subject, I do like to ready and pass on whatever tidbit of information I learn. She assured me that I was not stepping on anyone’s toes and that anything that can be done to get “Feng Shui” audience to grow, it was ok, and even offered to answer questions if I had any for her! Again, the class was great and I hope you find some of this interesting and, if not, entertaining!
First off, I’m out this weekend to buy a brass windchime to hang next to my front door! I’m all about bring wealth and business opportunities into our home/my business!

I think I understand the two forms – Land Form & Basic Ba-gua School. Land Form is short & sweet to me – you are inside your home looking out the front door – the building of your home say in a valley seat with range of mountains behind you which acts as protection & then adding particular things that will support your home. Support could come as ceramic pots of plants or the color red for energy. You want to have greeters by front door which could be plants or fruit trees which will detour danger from entering your door. No to any pointed objects as being less receptive vs using plants, tile[replicates earth], fabric, candles, etc as definite positives to your home. A welcome mat is also suggested as a positive which I myself always on the front doorstep of each staged home! She went into discussion of colors, curved roofs, empowering desk placement, etc. One thing that I thought was very interesting is that if you have a hyper child, there is a particular bed placement to benefit him! Go figure. So if you do have a child that is hyper, I would suggest doing some follow-up research on bed arrangement for him/her.

The other school she discussed was the Basic or Ba-Gua School.  

This is the 8 sided form [see photo att’d] which lists life situations, elements, colors & relationship. You can either place the ba-qua on your floor plan and address the particular areas that you are having trouble in or you can put the ba-qua on a particular room to decide furniture layout or if any cures need to be instituted to obtain the best chi energy flow. Some things to avoid in your home to attract that chi energy would be sharp architectural angles, ceilings over 12ft, clutter, no VOC paints. On the reverse side, simple things to use to attract chi energy would be ceilings under 12’, the colors of wealth – green, gold or purple, natural fibers/dyes, water, mobiles or anything that is attractive to the five senses.

There are pieces of each of the schools that I incorporate into my home and it seems to work for me. I just can’t say that you have to pick one school to follow?

Feng Shui Elements & How They Can be Incorporated into Home Staging & Redesign

There are five elements of Feng Shui that each, or in company with each other, can be used in home staging Austin or in redesign to complement the mood of a room. The elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Since there is a lot of information about each of the elements, I’m going to break each element into its own blog. As I have said many times, I am not an expert at all – - – - I really just want to be sure I understand what I am reading and to help me do that, I am putting it into writing which helps me remember! Hopefully, we will all learn a little more about Feng Shui!

Each of the five elements controls a certain type of energy or chi that can be influenced by the type of materials used. A quick example of this would be the type of flooring used in your home. Wood floors allow the flow and circulation of chi along the grain of the wood [also sample of Yang]. A wool carpet, on the other hand, causes static that can interfere or slow the energy flow [Yin].

The first element that we will discuss in my next blog will be Wood. I hope you enjoyed this and will check back in for my next writing! Thanks!

Using Feng Shui in Home Staging in Austin

Home Staging Austin

Incorporating Feng Shui into home staging Austin is a great way to turn that house for sale into a Sold Home. If we as home stagers & redesigners recognize a particular problem area in a home, we can sometimes thru Feng Shui take positive steps to address that issue and bring into the home the warm connection that we hope the buyers will feel when they visit that home! It may be as simple as changing the wall color or re-arrangement of the furniture or it may take some research to figure out what the “fix” is but in the end, I have found, the results are well worth the research.

I am a fan of the principles of Feng Shui and do believe that each of us have an aura or energy that runs around and thru our bodies. This energy mixes with the atmosphere around us causing changes in the way we feel and think as well as affecting our surroundings. I thought of the phrase ‘karma’ when I read this. If you live right, good things will come to you. Outside things can influence our energy such as by the people we are surrounded by, our workplace, city you live in, etc, etc. I would compare it to giving a child a hug when he has a boo boo to make him feel better. A very simple fix, correct? The same can be said about a vacant home or a room in need of a redesign. Sometimes it is something very simple that will make that home or that room into the best it can be!

Home Staging Austin